Welcome to Rosehill - Morgan

Important Notices

  • Spray Whip Sale New

    We have surplus of spray whip we would like to move. $3.50 per can

  • New Strawberry Flavored Milk

    Limited time!

  • Discounted Item -Gluten Free Cup

    Short dated Gluten Free Cups

  • Egg Situation--Please Be AWARE

    Our egg supplier's farm has been shut down due to the bird flu. We are doing our best to find another source, but eggs will most likely be unavailable by the end of this week. We might have them off and on, but we can't make any guarantees. Also, the price will be subject to change without notice.

  • Returnable Bottle Reminder

    Please remember that the hard, clear plastic half-gallon milk bottles are returnable. Please rinse the bottles and put them back out in your milk box when you finish the milk. We don't need the caps. Also, It's helpful if the bottles are standing in the box, rather than jammed in. Thanks! We appreciate being able to serve you. One more note, please don't freeze the milk in the half-gallon containers. It causes cracks and leaks in the bottles. Thanks!

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